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Nomination & Evaluation for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from our affiliate school (CICA International University & Seminary) . If interested please complete the form below:

The Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters is offered to persons who have made numerous contributions to society through philanthropic work.

(Requirements: Biography, educational degree, photo and any other certifications or awards received)

  1. Bachelor’s Degree plus 7 years or more of work experience in field of study.
  2. Master’s Degree plus 5 years or more of work experience in field of study.
  3. 10 years or more of work experience in philanthropic work and have received certifications, awards, licenses, etc.

The Honorary Doctorate in Divinity is only offered to individuals in ministry for five years or more years in conjunction with a complete portfolio assessment of their ministerial work.


  • Complete ministerial biography
  • Ordination certificate
  • Reference letters from two pastors
  • Photo
  • Any other ministerial awards received (if any)