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International Coaching Institute of Higher Learning, Inc. is an institute where aspiring life coaches get their training from. It is our commitment to uplift as many lives as we can through our extensive and beneficial programs. Come learn more about us today and see how we can help!

Welcome to International Coaching Institute of Higher Learning, Inc.

It cannot be denied how fast the coaching industry is growing. More and more people are turning to people with talent, influence, and the motivational ability to help in achieving goals or simply help in setting personal, professional, or spiritual direction. Are you thinking about becoming that person that people turn to for advice and guidance?

At the International Coaching Institute of Higher Learning, Inc., we believe that YOU can be a life coach and find a fulfilling career in the practice.

Our organization offers life coach training and certification courses. Some of the courses have convenient online coaching sessions and workshops. We provide you with the tools and the skills to start your very own life coaching practice.

If you want to make an impact in other people’s lives, be a Certified Life Coach! Call 678-895-8092 for enrollment inquiries.

Upcoming Life Coach Certifications

We are committed to helping you find success. Know more about our life coach certifications!

18 August

Coaching Schedules

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Workshops and Seminar

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25 August

Achieving Your Certification

Find out more information about earning your certification as a life coach.

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Nomination & Evaluation for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from our affiliate.

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We make sure to attain the standards developed by experts. We are accredited by the following organizations:

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